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CAMO Wifey Tour LA Stop 2022 - CAMO sings to the crowd

[RECAP] CAMO Kicks Off Her North American ‘Wifey’ Tour with Packed LA Show

With a majority of her popularity gained during lockdown, Park Chaeryung, better known as CAMO, takes her very first venture into the live tour experience. Consisting of six back-to-backstops across the U.S. and Canada, her North American Wifey Tour hits the ground running with her very first show at 1720 in Los Angeles, Calif.

[INTERVIEW] CAMO Talks Influences, Live Performances, and Reveals All About Upcoming ‘Wifey’ Tour

Korean rapper Park Chaeryung, otherwise known as CAMO, has taken the internet by storm with her unique international approach to her lyricism that is fresh to Korean hip-hop. It’s no surprise that CAMO’s rise has culminated in her first North American tour: Wifey Tour. The KPC Team had the pleasure to sit down with CAMO and discuss everything from her beginnings to her big debut tour.