[RECAP] CAMO Kicks Off Her North American ‘Wifey’ Tour with Packed LA Show

After gaining the majority of her popularity during lockdown, Park Chaeryung, better known as CAMO, finally takes her very first venture into the live tour experience. Consisting of six back-to-backstops across the U.S. and Canada, her North American Wifey Tour hits the ground running with her very first show at 1720 in Los Angeles, CA. A variety of opening acts, an intimate venue, and CAMO’s comfortable stage presence, truly set the bar high for the rest of an amazing tour.

Starting the night off, fans were warmed up with opening DJ sets from Air Banks and Yungricain. With multiple bar areas conveniently surrounding the audience, guests were able to ease in, grab a drink, and enjoy some good music as the crowd grew larger and larger.

Just as the crowd seemed to reach maximum capacity, the first live act, Sangstaa, took the stage. Performing high-energy songs such as “Oops!” and “Dramatic,” Sangstaa got the audience going with his engaging stage presence. 

Performing after was JMIN, who, based on the cheers from the audience, was a clear crowd favorite. Coming out hot, JMIN got the fans jumping and wet, spraying them with water from water bottles. Keeping the energy, he performed bangers such as “Blast Off and his ever-popular Jay Park featured song, “Dedication (feat. Jay Park).” For his last song, he performed “Life is Wet (feat. CAMO).” To the fans’ surprise, CAMO took the stage immediately for her verse, making for a very satisfying and seamless transition to her set. 

CAMO Wifey Tour LA Stop 2022 - CAMO sings to the crowd
Cr. Jeremy R.

Gazing out over a sea of phones, she performed all of her hit songs, from “Freak Like Me” and “Shawty to the tour’s namesake “Wifey.” One of the big draws to this tour was also being able to get a live sneak peek at her upcoming album. Fans were treated to three unreleased tracks that no doubt left them wanting more and built hype for her future hits. 

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Despite being one of her very first live performances, CAMO effortlessly drew attention with her laid-back vibe. She felt more than comfortable on stage, interacting with her fans and even recording herself on their phones. The venue size was also perfect — just big enough to fit a large crowd but small enough to be an intimate performance which was a huge plus of the whole experience. Fans were really able to feel like they were “in the room” with CAMO and their voices singing along easily filled the space to make for a more immersive seemingly underground experience. This even allowed for a small informal meet and greet after the show that allowed CAMO to come out, take pictures, and connect with her fans, making for a truly unique and unforgettable show.

The vibe of a first tour stop was felt in CAMO’s Los Angeles performance. She stepped on stage with an energy that showed she was ready to embark on a wild journey across the U.S. With a variety of artists and DJ Sets throughout, it is no doubt that CAMO’s Wifey Tour will also bring fans on a journey themselves that will surely leave them calling her “Wifey.” 


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