[INTERVIEW] CAMO Talks Influences, Live Performances, and Reveals All About Upcoming ‘Wifey’ Tour

Since her debut under 502 Entertainment, Korean rapper Park Chaeryung, otherwise known as CAMO, has taken the internet by storm. Born and raised in Hong Kong before moving to Korea, CAMO brings a unique international approach to her lyricism that is fresh to Korean hip-hop. 

In 2020, her unique vibe gave birth to her first widely successful single, “Life is Wet.” The video for this mainly English language song has now garnered over 12 million views and counting. With her new singles “Wifey and “Freak Like Me not far behind as well as an upcoming EP chocked full of star-studded features, it’s no surprise that CAMO’s rise has culminated in her first North American tour: Wifey Tour.

The Kpopconcerts Team had the pleasure to sit down with CAMO and discuss everything from her beginnings to her big debut tour. 

KPC: For some of the viewers who may not be familiar with you, tell us about who you are and where you came from.

CAMO: I am a rapper based in South Korea called CAMO. I’ve been in the music industry for about 3 years, and still have so much to show you. 

KPC: How’s everything been with you?

CAMO: Great! Thank you. I’ve been preparing for my upcoming mixtape and I’m so excited to share it with you guys. Other than that, I have been performing a lot since COVID regulations have gone down out here. Life has been fun and hectic haha.

KPC: How did you start doing music and end up where you are today

CAMO: It started off as a hobby when I was 21, (joined a hip hop club/group in my uni) and never have felt that much happiness and consolation before in my life. I knew I would regret it if I didn’t make music so I pursued it. 

KPC: How did growing up in Hong Kong influence you? Does it influence your music? 

CAMO: It definitely influenced me to use more English in my music since I went to international schools in HK. And because of that, it was easier for me to reach international artists and stay surrounded by international friends, which influence the kind of music I make!

I knew I would regret it if I didn’t make music so I pursued it.

Korean rapper, Park Chaeryung also known as CAMO of 502 Entertainment poses for her Wifey Tour promotion 1
Cr. 502 Entertainment

KPC: The music video for the song was a recap of your first performance ever in Paris! How was that?

CAMO: Unforgettable!! Amazing !!! It was very surprising for me because I didn’t know you can feel that much of a strong bond between people you never actually have met before. Shoutout to Seoul Therapy for the invite! It was magical. Also because Paris and London were cities I dreamt of visiting hehe. 

Korean rapper, Park Chaeryung also known as CAMO of 502 Entertainment poses for her Wifey Tour promotion 7
Cr. 502 Entertainment

KPC: Now you’re going on your first major tour, how are you feeling and how has the process been leading up to it?

CAMO: I’ve been feeling some pressure which I don’t usually feel a lot of, but it’s giving me loads of motivation and positive energy. 

KPC: Can you explain the meaning of the name “Wifey”? 

CAMO: Someone who’s a catch and a girlfriend you can commit to.

KPC: What can fans expect to see on your Wifey Tour?

CAMO: Elevation!! Growth!! A lot has changed in my life, including my attitude towards music. I think I’m taking it more seriously and started wanting more for myself. I feel like I’ve grown as an artist and I can’t wait to preview new tracks from my upcoming mixtape. Hoping my fans will be rocking with them!

KPC: Besides your tour, what else is next for CAMO? What should we be expecting from you in the near future?

CAMO: I’m releasing a full length mixtape soon. Hella new tracks and content coming out, hehe. I’m hoping to surprise a lot of people with my new tracks so stay tuned !!! Thanks for these great questions Kpopconcerts! Hope to see you again, sending lots of love!!

Cr. 502 Entertainment
Korean rapper, Park Chaeryung also known as CAMO of 502 Entertainment poses for her Wifey Tour promotion 6
Cr. 502 Entertainment

Eager to hit the stage, CAMO is clearly ready to show her fans a side of her that just can’t be captured in any viral video. Kicking off on August 16 in Los Angeles, Calif., her first live performance tour will surely show her artistry in a new light befitting her millions upon millions of views. Thank you so much CAMO for the interview. Grab your tickets at Unbound Entertainment Group and catch her Wifey Tour this August in a city near you! 

Cr. 502 Entertainment & Unbound Entertainment Group
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