Month: August 2022

CAMO Wifey Tour LA Stop 2022 - CAMO sings to the crowd

[RECAP] CAMO Kicks Off Her North American ‘Wifey’ Tour with Packed LA Show

With a majority of her popularity gained during lockdown, Park Chaeryung, better known as CAMO, takes her very first venture into the live tour experience. Consisting of six back-to-backstops across the U.S. and Canada, her North American Wifey Tour hits the ground running with her very first show at 1720 in Los Angeles, Calif.

[INTERVIEW] The Attire Talk Collaborating with WOOSUNG, Their Creative Process, and Going Viral on TikTok

Stephen Santa Teresa and Greg Schilling, the Los Angeles-based duo better known as The Attire, discuss their latest single – “Sriracha” featuring WOOSUNG of Korean pop-rock band, The Rose. The song, which has already amassed over 1 million views on its music video since its release last month, marks the band’s first K-Pop collaboration.