[INTERVIEW] Jung Daehyun Gets Candid About The B.A.P Comeback And Reuniting with New York Fans

Jung Daehyun debuted as the main vocalist of the K-Pop boy group B.A.P in January 2012 with their debut single “Warrior.” Since then, the group made waves as they’ve captivated the hearts of many BABYs (their fandom name) with their empowering music. Their talent has earned them numerous awards and they were nicknamed “monster rookies” for their fierce stage presence. A year after their debut, they embarked on their first overseas tour and became the first K-Pop group to perform in New York’s Times Square.

After B.A.P’s contracts ended, the members pursued their individual activities. Daehyun released his first self-produced EP, Chapter2 “27”, in 2019, followed by the single album Aight shortly after. He stepped into musical theater and was cast in popular musicals such as Napolean and Grease. Whether through B.A.P or his solo work, Daehyun continues to charm listeners with his unique, powerful vocals.

The Shops at Skyview specially prepared a Daehyun meet & greet for “K-Pop Day” to kick off their K-Fun Summer School series. The sold-out event brought together many BABYs who welcomed his long-awaited return. While preparing for his scheduled appearance, Kpopconcerts.com sat down with Daehyun as he shared his thoughts on reuniting with New York fans and teased about the B.A.P comeback.

This interview has been edited for clarity and conciseness.

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KPC: It’s been a while since you’ve last visited New York. How does it feel to be back this time as a soloist?

Daehyun: I’m having mixed feelings about it. The last time I was here was with my B.A.P members and although I miss them, I’m happy to be back and excited to meet the fans.

KPC: In what ways has your experience in musical theater influenced your approach to recording and performing music?

Daehyun: When I’m singing, I think the focus on emotional delivery is important. For musicals, aspects such as the delivery of lyrics, musical singing, and acting play a huge role.

Cr. Angela L.

KPC: You’ve recently signed with MA Entertainment. Will we be expecting new music from you anytime soon?

Daehyun: I cannot share too many details about it at the moment but B.A.P will be releasing new music first and then I’ll work on my solo music.

KPC: Speaking of B.A.P, MA Entertainment released a documentary teaser regarding a comeback which received an emotional reception among BABYs. What are your thoughts about this?

Daehyun: I was quite surprised and overwhelmed. BABYs have eagerly waited for us and welcomed our return so I enjoyed seeing the response.

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KPC: We’re all excited to hear that! Now, since today’s meet & greet will adopt a “school theme,” what were some of your favorite school memories?

Daehyun: I was kind of a disobedient student but I remember spending most of my school years hanging out with friends and going to karaoke together.

KPC: Did you often get in trouble with your teachers?

Daehyun: Not that much! *chuckles sheepishly*

Cr. Angela L.

KPC: New York fans have been patiently waiting to see you! What is something you’re looking forward to at the meet & greet?

Daehyun: I’ve been connecting with fans via social media so it’s nice to finally meet them in person. I’m thankful for all the fans who have waited to see me and I want to do my best at the event today!

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  1. I can’t wait for a b.a.p reunion 😍 this group are so awesome I hope they can still comeback with that fierce in your face warrior but also that loving ❤️ sound can’t wait never been so excited.

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