K-Music Festival in London

May 7, 2013 0

What is happening this summer? The Korean Cultural Centre UK has organised a K-Music Festival, London’s Festival of Korean Music!



As the theme of the festival is “War and Peace”, to mark the 60 years of cease-fire after the Korean War, this festival is very meaningful to those in Korea. The showcase for the K-music Festival took place last week in Seoul, Korea. The press in Korea are already very interested in the reaction of the British audience. K-Pop has influenced a lot of the younger generation but this festival is a chance for all ages to enjoy Korean music.

The K-Music Festival this summer shows five different colours of music from Korea. Find what you like and book your tickets now!


Under their artistic director Won Il, the National Orchestra of Korea have developed a special voice in Korean culture drawing on traditional instruments. The concert would be of interest to anyone who is a fan of classical music and traditional Korean music.

2. GEOMUNGO FACTORY- WED 19 JUNE 7.30PM @Cadogan Hall

This is the first-ever British concert by Korean cult legends Geomungo Factory. The first half of this concert explores the throbbing, percussive, cello-like sounds of four geomungos. They let rip in the second half with their own compositions – dark, fascinating pieces. The mix of contemporary and traditional music allows everyone to be able to enjoy the performance.

3. PANSORI: AHN SOOK SUN – FRI 21 JUNE 7.30PM @Cadogan Hall

Pansori is Korean musical drama which delivers myths that have been passed on orally – with no musical notation, pansori is limitless and exciting, combining passion and humour. If you’re a fan of opera or traditional music, you would be so moved by Ahn Sook-Sun, even with the language barrier.


One of the first Indie bands from the area in Seoul, Hongdae, UHUHBOO PROJECT will be performing at the Scala. They are also known for their innovative style of ‘Avant-pop’. If you’re a fan of K-Pop or K-Indie and would like to explore new parts of Korean music, you would enjoy their concert.


If you’re into K-Rock, YI SUNG YOL BAND is the band to see. KIHA AND THE FACES is a mix between K-Indie and K-Rock. Both of these bands are considered one of the best underground bands. If you’re a fan of K-Pop or K-Indie, you simply cannot miss this.

Book tickets here:

020 7004 2600 / info@kccuk.org.uk


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Why Is SHINee in London?

Nov 27, 2012 0

SHINee made a surprise visit to London, UK!

Minho and Key

On 26th November, two members of SHINee, Key and Minho, arrived at London Heathrow Airport. They went to the Hilton in Paddington, where a few fans recognised them. They went round the city of London that afternoon visiting the Korean Cultural Centre UK and famous sites.

Key and Minho seem to be in London for a holiday but they did bring the camera crew with them. Key was spotted in front of Buckingham Palace and Minho was spotted riding a carousel in Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.


Key is known to have quite a few friends in London so he’s likely to hang out with them and go shopping. Last time he was in London for the London Korean Film Festival Opening Gala Concert, he spent time with the designer, Carri Munden.

Last time Minho was in London, he went to see a football match at Emirates Stadium. It is very likely that he will be seeing another football match, while he is here.

The two members are leaving London from Heathrow Airport on 29th November. Until then, I hope they have a great time!

(Photo credits to SHINee Lover)

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London Olympics D-1: Korea vs. Mexico

Jul 20, 2012 0


To mark the D-1 till the Olympics, there will be a supporting event at the Korean Cultural Centre.




On 26th July, there there is a football match, South Korea vs. Mexico. Everyone can come to watch the game and support Korea. It will be a chance to learn the supporting chants for Korea and enjoy the game.



In the evening, there will be a film screening of <Hindsight> followed by a Q&A session with the director of the film, Director Lee Hyeon Seung. This will be a free event but those who come to the K-supporting event will have priority tickets. If you can’t make it to the supporting event, there will be limited seating and it will be first come first serve basis.


For more information, please visit the Facebook event page:






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All Eyes On Korea

Jul 18, 2012 0

Have you seen posters of the Korean events that are taking place around London during the Olympics?

The Korean Cultural Centre UK has organised 100 Day Festival of Korean Culture called ‘오색찬란 ALL EYES ON KOREA’. The events include art exhibitions, lectures, film screenings, concerts and dance performances.

This will be the opportunity to show the different colours of Korean arts and culture to the British public as well as people are visiting London for the Olympic Games. It will also be an opportunity for the British audience to show the love and passion for K-arts.

For more information and to book tickets, visit the Southbank Centre website:




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YG Entertainment Auditions London 2012 – Auditionee interviews

Jul 3, 2012 0

On June 16th, YG Entertainment, who manage groups such as Big Bang, 2NE1, PSY, Tablo, se7en and Gummy, kicked off their 2012 global auditions in London.

Hundreds of young people from around and outside the U.K. showed up at London’s Korean Cultural Centre from early hours of the day until the evening in hopes to become a YG trainee.

Due to the amount of people who had shown up, the auditions were actually delayed and people were waiting out on the streets in a mass crowd for hours. However the atmosphere was still upbeat and gained a lot of attention from pedestrians walking by.

KpopConcerts interviewed some of the hopeful auditionees, click below to watch:


After London, YG headed to Berlin, New York, Toronto, Seattle, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Osaka.
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