Leessang Showcase to be held in Malaysia

Jan 4, 2014 0

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The long awaited opportunity has arrived, Leessang, the hip-hop duo with Gary (Kang Heegun) and Gill (Gil Sungjoon), is holding their first ever showcase in Malaysia on the 11th of January after their huge concert tour success in the New York and LA early 2013.

Leessang has continuously shown their artistic talent and charisma as a musician in the past 10 years; and fans also love their friendly attitude shown through a variety show program. Leessang has never failed to entertain fans on their stage, giving the best performance that fans will never forget. Coming January, we will see Leessang broadening their horizon to the world from Korea.

To hold a welcome stage for our idols, the organizer had organize a campaign to let all the fans to have a greater opportunity to  meet them. And so, to bring smiles all around, all ticket holders can refer your friends to join you to watch Leessang live on 11th January 2014, and will receive a REFERRAL REWARD OF 15% of your friend’s purchased ticket value.

To know more info, please visit kpop culture live Facebook page and browse our site for more update news. See you guys there!

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Seat Map & Ticket Privileges

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Leessang’s Gary to Release Solo Mini Album This Month

Jan 3, 2014 0

Leessang Gary

Leessang’s Gary is set to release his own solo mini album this month.

Gary is one half of the hip hop duo Leessang who originally made their debut in 2002, releasing a total of eight albums together.

An agency rep said, “Gary will be leaving aside what he’s been showing as a member of LeeSsang to express his unique musical senses through this new album,” they continued to say, “The entire album has been produced by Gary himself, and he has collaborated with the other rookie hip-hop artists to present music with unique lyrics, which people of young generation can relate to.”

Gary′s solo mini album will be released on January 15.

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Leessang “Tears” Lip Version MV Released

Jan 29, 2013 0

Leessang surprised fans with a Lip Version of their music video for “Tears”.

The recently released Lip Version features The SeeYa’s Eugene. The entire video is shot in greyscale as Gary, Gil and Eugene show themselves recording the track in a studio. YoonGun emphases the acoustic feel playing the piano as Gary and Gil showcase their rapping skills and Eugene lays down her soft vocals.

Leessang’s “Tears” has continued to impress its fanbase and netizens alike.

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Leessang Announces Two US Concert Dates in New York and Los Angeles

Dec 15, 2012 1

Leessang has announced U.S. concert dates for New York and Los Angeles.

The duo will play in New York on January 24 and Los Angeles on January 26. Jung will also feature in the tour as a special guest.

Leessang’s U.S. dates will follow their South Korean concert dates on December 23 and 24.

Ticket promoter Powerhouse announced the concert dates through tweets, “NEW ANNOUNCEMENT: LEESSANG’S FIRST U.S. TOUR CONCERT FEATURING JUNG IN. JAN 24 & 26, 2013 IN NY & LA.”

Leesang consists of Gil and rapper Gary, who is also well known for taking part in variety shows like Running Man and Infinite Challenge.

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LeeSSang ‘Someday’ Music Video released

Jun 1, 2012 0

LeeSSang had made a comeback with their 8th album [Unplugged] in celebration of their 10th anniversary, having fulfilled the “LeeSSang syndrome”, “chart all-kill” and “record long-runs” last year.

LeeSSang caught some attention recently by releasing their new music video ‘Someday’ lately.

From what had reviewed, ‘Someday’ reproduces the retro band sounds of the 60s and 70s. This music video had also brought of the soul of music lively to everyone. With no flashy clothing and makeup, they still produced strong feeling about music to others.

Check out the music video below!


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