[INTERVIEW] Queenz Eye Brings A ‘UNI-Q’ Sound to The Queenz Table

Since their debut in October 2022, Queenz Eye has received high praise among K-Pop fans for their self-choreographed performances and impressive vocal covers. After a long, eight-month wait, members Wonchae, Hannah, Narin, Ahyoon, and Damin have finally made a comeback with “UN-NORMAL from their latest EP UNI-Q. While the group’s first single, “Yummy Yummy,” showed a light and fun side to fans all over the world, “UN-NORMAL” takes center stage by showcasing its strong 90’s R&B influence. 

The story of “UN-NORMAL” lets Queenz Eye express how their love unravels in their own unique way. The song’s accompanying music video focused on intense choreography with a girl-crush vibe and gives a very 90’s theme to go with the overall feel of the song. “UN-NORMAL” has also taken over TikTok with the #Un_normalchallenge where the Queenz Eye members are seen dancing the choreography with various idols by their sides. 

Along with the title track, Queenz Eye brings the B-side “DOMINO” to the table. “DOMINO” describes a fresh summer night in the group’s own style boasting string sounds and a tropical vibe. The lyrics “(Should just be you and I)/ Falling like a Domino” tell of a girl ready to fall in love. 

As a group, Queenz Eye all share the same goal – to show everyone that they should be treated like a queen, no matter their background. The Kpopconcerts team received the opportunity to speak with Queenz Eye to talk about their comeback, their favorite karaoke songs, meeting their fans, and more! 

 KPC: Congratulations on your comeback! How were you all feeling preparing for this new release and how are you feeling now that it’s out to the public?

QUEENZ EYE: Due to a long hiatus and this being our first comeback, we prepared with nervousness, just like when we debuted. Although there may not have been significant external achievements, we’ve been diligently practicing, exercising, studying, and becoming stronger as individuals and as a team. From the moment we heard the song, we loved it and prepared for it with joy. Seeing that the public also enjoys it makes us feel proud and happy.

KPC: “UN-NORMAL” has an English and Korean version for this release! In your own words, can you tell us what “UN-NORMAL” is about? What does it mean to be “UN-NORMAL”?

QUEENZ EYE: “UN-NORMAL” is a hip-hop/ R&B genre song with a smooth easy-listening vibe, but we completed it uniquely with powerful outfits and groovy choreography, making it stand out from the norm. The lyrics express our individuality well, and we believe our confidence and energy shine through.

KPC: The vocals for “UN-NORMAL” have fans raving. What challenges did you face when recording this new track?

WONCHAE: It was my first time attempting the rap part, and I felt a sense of responsibility to do well. I also had an appetite for this genre since it’s one I enjoy. Still, I have fond memories of recording while having fun researching and preparing.

NARIN: Recording the English version of “UN-NORMAL” was a bit challenging for me in terms of pronunciation.

DAMIN: Since “UN-NORMAL” is a hip-hop/ R&B genre song, I put a lot of effort into singing it groovily yet relaxed. My usual singing style is a bit straighter, so it was tough to adjust during recording.

KPC: “UN-NORMAL” has a sound similar to the 90s and early 2000s R&B. Did you have any artists that inspired this new sound?

QUEENZ EYE: In interpreting the sound and style, we studied and referred to TLC a lot. So, we could incorporate the feel of that era into the outfits and sound, aiming to express hip-hop urban vibes.

AHYOON: I referred to Kehlani and CAMO a lot. I felt that singing this song is about delivering one’s feelings rather than spitting the lyrics with precise diction.

KPC: Your debut track, “Yummy Yummy” and “UN-NORMAL” are very different not only in sound, but also in style! “UN-NORMAL” definitely goes for a more ‘girl-crush’ concept. Was this a style you were excited to try?

AHYOON: Since I am such a fan of R&B-Hip Hop tracks, I really enjoyed preparing for this album. Of course, we can all perform well in girl-crush genres, but my heart leaned more towards “UN-NORMAL,” which I was able to blend in with a chiller vibe.

WONCHAE: I personally loved this genre so much, and this wonderful track came to us like a miracle so I was very happy to prepare this album.

KPC: “Yummy Yummy” was an upbeat alternative track that really made a mark on the K-Pop industry! One fan stated on YouTube that this is a sound that they were missing from the 4th Generation K-Pop groups. What genres are you interested in exploring as you continue to create music? Was “UN-NORMAL” a sound you dreamed of taking on as a group?

QUEENZ EYE: For “UN-NORMAL,” it would be great to try a slightly more hip and funky rock concept. The first song “Yummy Yummy” had a tighter vibe, so we wanted a more free-spirited song, and “UN-NORMAL” appeared at the perfect timing as the song we wanted.

KPC: Your new EP “UNI-Q” also has a B-side track! Can you tell us a little bit about “DOMINO”

QUEENZ EYE: The beginning part has a charming string sound, and the tropical chorus in the latter part adds weight to the song. It’s lively, exciting, and a perfect representation of a cool summer night in Queenz Eye’s style. The lyrics are great, and as we sang, we always kept our I-Q in mind. Please enjoy it a lot!

KPC: According to your fans, the members of Queenz Eye are big karaoke fans! What is your song of choice when out with friends singing karaoke?

NARIN: I often sang “Tears” by So Chan Whee at the end.

HANNAH: I enjoy singing songs by senior girl groups, especially “Dance The Night Away” by TWICE sunbaenim.

WONCHAE: “8282” by Davichi’s sunbaenim is my favorite. 

DAMIN: I really like IU Sunbaenim’s songs, so when I go to karaoke, I often sing “Good Day” by IU sunbaenim.

AHYOON: I often sing “Joah” by Jay Park sunbaenim.

KPC: Queenz Eye is known for their outstanding cover performances. As a group, you seem to focus more on difficult choreographies and music that showcases vocal range. If you had the opportunity to work with any of the artists you’ve covered so far, who would you work with? Why?

NARIN: I covered “Gravity” by Taeyeon sunbaenim before. I like her musical color, and I thought it suited me well, so I chose her.

AHYOON: I uploaded a dance cover of Jay Park sunbaenim’s “BLUE CHECK ” on TikTok. If I have the chance to collaborate with him later, I would be so pleased. I admire him as an artist, and his mindset is really impressive.

WONCHAE: I’ve been referring to Jessie J’s songs and videos since my trainee days. If I get the opportunity to share the stage and sing with her someday, I would be overjoyed.

KPC: If given the chance to travel the world to meet all of your fans, which location would you most look forward to and what makes you interested in meeting fans from that place?

AHYOON: I want to go to Hawaii! I want to have fun with our fans at the beach, lie down on a sunbed, and have heart-to-heart talks. I hope our fans are always happy and healed.

DAMIN: I want to do busking on New York streets. I saw the streets through the media, and I fell in love with the scenery at first sight.

HANNAH: I spent my childhood in New Zealand, so it would be meaningful and happy to perform there. Just thinking about it makes me emotional.

NARIN: I haven’t been on an airplane yet, so anywhere would be great!

WONCHAE: I would like to travel to South America, which is famous for its lively and energetic atmosphere. I want to experience that energy while singing and dancing together!

KPC: As a group, you are very active on social media! What has been your favorite TikTok trend?

DAMIN: I’m known to be someone who loves to make jokes, so I enjoy watching humorous TikTok trends.

AHYOON: I really enjoy watching Tiktokers from abroad who create choreography to various songs and dance in their garage or a comfortable space.

WONCHAE: Like AHYOON, I also enjoy freestyle videos and watching videos with beautiful natural backgrounds. Lately, I’ve been enjoying short videos of animals playing on a farm.

KPC: Thank you for your time! Do you have any final words that you would like to say to your international fans?

QUEENZ EYE: Despite being far away, thank you for always showing us so much love and support. We will work hard to come and see all of you in person! We want to repay you with even more amazing music and performances, as much as the love you give. We love you!

Congratulations to Queenz Eye for their successful comeback and we at KPC cannot wait to see what the future brings for this super talented group! Be sure to check out all of their social media to stay up to date on all things Queenz Eye!

Thank you to Queenz Eye, Big Mountain Entertainment, and MyMusicTaste for this interview opportunity!

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