[INTERVIEW] Queenz Eye Dishes on Their “Yummy Yummy” Debut

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Powerful, ambitious, and confident are just a few keywords to describe the up-and-coming rookie group, Queenz Eye. After garnering attention for their pre-debut releases that included song covers and self-choreographed dance pieces, the six-member girl group finally made their grand debut on October 24 under Big Mountain Entertainment. Consisting of members Wonchae, Damin, Narin, Ahyoon, Hannah, and Jenna, the group aims to empower listeners through their music. No matter who you are or where you come from, Queenz Eye believes that everyone should be treated like a queen and shine bright like royalty.

Queenz Eye’s first mini album, Queenz Table, consists of “Yummy Yummy,” “Before and After,” and their instrumental counterparts. The title track, “Yummy Yummy,” serves as the perfect introduction to the group. Oozing in self-confidence and sprinkled with sweet but bold lyrics, the alternative pop track is a packaged treat that serves equal parts attitude and sass. The accompanying music video tells the story of women aspiring to grow in their dream careers. While working seemingly mundane jobs as a mechanic, seamstress, and production assistant, the video unveils each member’s desire to become a racecar driver, fashion driver, model, and more. The song’s dance was self-choreographed by the Queenz Eye members themselves, a feat uncommon for a debut but supports the group’s ambition and confidence in becoming a new, rising artist in the music scene. 

 The Kpopconcerts.com had the pleasure of interviewing Queenz Eye to discuss their exciting debut, confidence, and even what they would bring to their own “Queenz Buffet Table” to share with their fans!

KPC: Congrats on your debut with your first single album, Queenz Table! How were you all feeling leading up to your debut and how are you feeling now that your music is finally released?

Queenz Eye: It was so amazing that it felt like the difficulties we had during our trainee times just disappeared. With the positive energy from our fans as motivation, we are working hard.

KPC: Through your music, you hope that each and every listener “shines bright like a queen.” Tell us how this group concept came about and what this message means to you. 

Queenz Eye: Just like our name, we want to become a group that makes everyone shine. We are performing with determination to give strength to the people who listen to our music.

KPC: Choosing a debut track is a big deal. How did you know “Yummy Yummy” was the perfect debut track to introduce you to the public?

Queenz Eye: “Yummy Yummy” was the song that we wanted to deliver to you all as soon as possible. We will continue to come back with more diverse songs, so please stay tuned!

KPC: Each of you contributed to the song’s choreography. How did you come together to create it? 

Queenz Eye: For diverse ideas, we were divided into two groups to make the choreography. Just like the song’s title, we tried to find fun expressions and weave them into the choreography. All of us were able to grow through this process.

KPC: Did you have any memorable moments while recording the single album, filming the music video, creating the choreography, etc.? 

Queenz Eye: When we were filming the final dance sequence for our music video, we were a bit worried as the weather was super cold and we were planning to use a water truck. However, as we started to dance, we became so immersed into the moves that we forgot about the cold!

KPC: Since your debut, listeners both domestically and internationally praised your song for its addictive melody, solid vocals, and powerful dance moves. Some have shared that Queenz Eye did not seem like a new, rookie group. How does it feel to receive such strong, positive responses from fans across the world? 

Queenz Eye: Receiving this amount of love and support is such a great honor! We will continue to show you great performances. Thank you so much!

KPC: What is your earliest memory of falling in love with music and when did you realize that you wanted to pursue music as a career?

Wonchae: I have liked dancing and singing since I was young, so I naturally dreamed of becoming a singer.

Hannah: Since I was young, I naturally wanted to do music while watching musical films such as High School Musical on Disney channel.

Narin: I liked dancing and singing so much since I was young, but I became confident that I would become a singer when I had the opportunity to show my dance and singing at a baseball game.

Ahyoon: Through the memories of being comforted by listening to music whenever I had a hard time, I decided to become an artist who can comfort someone.

Damin: I got energy from music and was comforted. I wanted to be a person who can give energy through music, so I decided to become an artist.

Jenna: Since I was a child, I liked dancing, so I continued to learn, and I naturally dreamed of becoming an idol. 

KPC: When you’re not working on music, what type of music genre do each of you like to listen to? Do you have any current favorite songs/artists that you would like to recommend?

Wonchae: I like to listen to easy-listening music, and I recommend any song by Harry Styles.

Hannah: I love pop, and I recommend “Champagne Supernova” by the band Oasis.

Narin: I enjoy listening to R&B and pop-dance genres, and would like to recommend Ariana Grande’s “Tattooed Heart.”

Ahyoon: I love hip-hop and R&B, and recommend pH-1’s “Homebody” and george’s “ANYWHERE ANYTIME.”

Damin: I’ve been learning how to play the guitar recently, and have been listening to a lot of acoustic songs. I want to recommend Younha’s “Event Horizon,” a song that has been topping Korean music charts.

Jenna: I like electronic pop, and would like to recommend HONNE’s “Day1.”

KPC: What are your long-term goals as a group and what are each of your individual, long-term goals? 

As a group: We want to be a group that continuously gives positive energy to everyone.

Wonchae: My personal goals are the same as Queenz Eye’s as a group, I want to be a singer who is constant. 

Hannah: I want to be able to show my charm globally and want to try various things.

Narin: I want to be recognized in various areas.

Ahyoon: I want to produce my own song.

Damin: I want to be an artist who gives good influence without losing my initial commitment.

Jenna: I want to be a singer who is constant and keeps on growing. 

KPC: What are some of your favorite “yummy” food that you would bring to a Queenz Buffet Table?

Wonchae: I want to make my own Queenz Buffet Table with chicken, pizza, and my mom’s homemade food.

Hannah: I really like ramen, so I would love to order ramen from all around the world.

Narin: I love Korean food, so I would like to order various Korean foods.

Ahyoon: I would like to order mint chocolate ice cream, yakgwa (traditional Korean snack made with honey and wheat), and soondubu jjigae (spicy soft tofu soup).

Damin: I want to order basil cream tteokbokki and waffles with ice cream.

Jenna: I want to order yogurt and ice cream.

KPC: Thank you so much for your time! Do you have any messages you would like to share with international fans and Kpopconcerts.com readers? 

Queenz Eye: Queenz Eye will continue to show our fans great performances, so please stay tuned! Thank you so much and we love you all!






Thank you to Queenz Eye, Big Mountain Entertainment, and MyMusicTaste for this interview opportunity!

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