P1Harmony Celebrates Friendship in New Mini Album ‘Harmony: Set In’

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Six-piece group P1Harmony, composed of members Keeho, Jiung, Theo, Intak, Soul, and Jongseob, has had a huge year, from embarking on their first U.S. tour, starring in a comedy sketch on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, performing at KCON LA for over 80,000 attendees and 7 million online viewers, and making an appearance at the infamous KAMP LA. Through Harmony: Set In, their new mini album, P1Harmony keeps their momentous success going in a colorful release that highlights their bond and journey as a group.

The music video for the title track, “Back Down” sees the boys take on post-apocalyptic, sci-fi New York City with youthful, colorful energy. Set to their signature explosive hip-hop sound, the group dances on subway platforms, behind graffiti-covered alleys, and takes a nighttime joyride. “Since our next album is about friendship, the music video tells the story of building those friendships,” Jiung described in a press release.

The song is powerful, and almost aggressively positive (in the best way!). Intak, one of the group’s rappers, explained his inspiration for writing the song. “I couldn’t help but think about my friends and loved ones,” he said. “So I twisted the idea a bit: ‘If you’re not my friends, GET OUT OF MY WAY.’ I thought it would be a fun way to say it!” With the lyrics, “We don’t care, we ain’t scared anymore,” the song seems to appropriately describe their growing confidence and success so far – fitting, considering P1Harmony debuted the single on U.S. television with The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Continuing the theme of friendship is the aptly-named, “BFF (Best Friends Forever),” a playful track with a groovy guitar backing. The message is simple and clear, a call to action for friends to stay by each other’s sides forever. It’s a teen pop anthem that doesn’t feel derived and doesn’t take itself too seriously and provides a fun, positive listen.

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Secret Sauce,” the next song on the album, is a fun dubstep/hip-hop song about hyping up your crew and having the spice that makes you better than your haters. It’s a feel-good track that embraces young fearlessness that P1ece, P1Harmony’s fans, will be sure to enjoy.

Up next is “One and Only,” which brings a more mellow vibe to the lineup. Where “Secret Sauce” was a confidence booster for a group, “One and Only” highlights self-love without losing the synth-pop, EDM-inspired instrumental that’s central to P1Harmony’s musical identity.

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Look At Me Now is a standout track on the album with its powerful electric guitar backbone. It’s a passionate autobiographical song that lyrically references previous release, “Do It Like This” and discusses the band’s feelings toward their achievements to date and their hope to continue following their dreams and chasing the sun. 

Harmony: Set In closes on an emotional note with “Better Together.” This sweet, mid-tempo pop ballad is filled with heart as P1Harmony sings about trust, perseverance, and a gentle reminder that with friends and good people, everything will be okay. The song highlights the impeccable vocal talent and of course, harmony, that the group has become notorious for.

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As a whole, the release is another page in P1Harmony’s “musical journal,” as leader Keeho describes and showcases the group’s continued growth and their expanded range. With a newly-announced U.S. tour on the horizon for January and February 2023, P1ece can look forward to more fun from the group to come.

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