P1Harmony Ends Their Trilogy but Opens a New World

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P1Harmony debuted on October 28, 2020 under FNC Entertainment with their EP Disharmony: Stand Out and their lead single “Siren.” The six-member group consisting of leader Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Intak, Soul, and Jongseob quickly became illustrious because of their energetic and  highly reminiscent songs. As fans dig deeper, they discover that P1Harmony are musically talented, rhythmic when it comes to dancing, and the group has an amazingly harmonious relationship. 

Their newest EP Disharmony: Find Out heralded in the New Year on January 3, 2022 with “Do It Like This” as their lead single. Co-written by Intak and Jongseob, the energetic upbeat single conveys the group’s aspiration to move on into the new world without hesitation. The unique instrumentals and the beats stand out with its extremely funky chorus and catchy hook. With well blended vocals and raps that tie harmoniously into the instrumentals and each other, the boys’ energy can be felt, especially when the phrase “do it like this” repeats, hyping up the entire song. Extending the vibes of the song, the music video grabs the audience’s attention with the two completely opposing styles, classy and street, but it shows that P1Harmony can “do it” anywhere. 

Last October 2021, in front of 8,000 fans at the Korean Heritage Night at the Los Angeles Football Club’s soccer game in California,  P1Harmony made their US debut and celebrated their one-year anniversary. One hundred and fifty dedicated fans waited overnight at the park just to seize front row seats. After this major event, P1Harmony earned major recognition from the K-Pop community and the media – they were nominated for multiple awards including Seoul Music Awards: “Rookie of the Year,” four Mnet Asian Music Awards, and more. Furthermore, they were selected as a K-Pop top rising group from Rolling Stone, Vogue, Forbes, NME, Hypebae, Refinery29, and more. Time Magazine also mentioned them in 6 Rookie K-Pop Groups to Watch in 2021 and listed them on Billboard Korea’s “Best Rookie.” They were able to “do it” all over the globe.

Early in their career, just prior to their  debut on October 8, 2020, the film P1H: The Beginning of a New World was released, exclusively airing in Lotte Cinema, showing the rookie groups’ versatility. By December 11, 2020, the movie was available worldwide. Filled with action and sci-fi, the film possesses a Marvel cinematic touch, which captivated fans’ attention. Paired with their EP Disharmony trilogy, the second installment of which dropped on April 20, 2021, P1Harmony boasted a body of work that complimented itself with a thrilling, fantasy concept. The film was seen as a promotion and introduction for a debuting boy group, yet it still fascinated the audience. With 2022’s Disharmony: Find Out as the last part of the trilogy, they displayed musical versatility as the EP proved itself lighter and brighter than their previous EPs, Disharmony: Stand Out and Disharmony: Break Out. These three EPs allow fans to see P1Harmony’s vision and mission, which is to bring harmony to the world. While maintaining youthful energy, P1Harmony is able to convey a powerful message to never give up on ones’ dreams and always believe in the unlimited possibilities. 

How does P1Harmony come up with these complex and interesting storylines? In an interview with Pinkvilla, Keeho and Intak reveal that they draw inspiration from stories, situations and feelings they have heard from others around them. According to an interview with ABS-CBN, Keeho stated that “the first album tells the story of these incongruities in the world and how we want to solve them.” Keeho continued describing the second EP, Disharmony: Break Out, which sends a “stronger message that we should not be afraid in a dissonant society, but be courageous and cheer up.” Coming to a conclusion, the third and final EP, Disharmony: Find Out delivers the message that we should become the possessor of a new world (+WORLD) and dream of endless possibilities. On December 6, 2021, P1Harmony introduced fans to the mysterious W+W (Welcome to +World). Is it another comeback? Is it a preview for a second movie? Fans will have to wait to find out. 

With their three EPs and movie, P1Harmony have clearly stood out, broken out, and proven that they are not just K-pop idols, but also colorful raconteurs. Not only musically talented and astonishing narrators, these boys have also caught the attention of many TikTok users with their quirky and funny content, no wonder why “Do It Like This” is trending as a sound. This young group has humongous potential in the music industry. 

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