Korea Meets Thailand – BIBI and MILLI Join Forces for “The Weekend (MILLI REMIX)”

On Tuesday, January 18, 2022, BIBI and MILLI partnered for the remix of “The Weekend (MILLI Remix)“. The collaboration follows 88rising & BIBI’s “The Weekend” launched on Thursday, October 14, 2021 which will be on the upcoming 88rising hallmark album, Head in the Clouds 3.

The karaoke version celebrates the unifying cultural phenomenon that is singalong culture.  The video concept features Korea meets Thailand in a cross-cultural karaoke version as the girls jam out to the weekend anthem on their night out. The release includes a call to action for fans to submit their own sing-along version of “The Weekend” using @88rising #KARAOKE #노래방 – #คาราโอเกะ to be featured in an upcoming video.

The track was originally part of BIBI’s “The Weekend” marketing campaign, with selected solo artists to remix the song onto Youtube from countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, China and the Philippines- with BIBI’s #3 top audience on Spotify being Bangkok, Thailand. Notably, 88rising and Yupp Official released “The Weekend (MILLI Remix)” on Youtube. In only a few weeks, “The Weekend (MILLI Remix)” visualizer produced by 88rising and Yupp Official hit 10M+ views and trended on Tiktok with a fan-uploaded sound byte of over 20k+ creations. This fan-driven push garnered support for the remix to be released commercially.

Danupha Khanatheerakul, better known by her stage name, MILLI, is a Thai female rapper and singer. She rose to prominence nationally with her debut single “Phak Kon” and notably had a collaboration with Changbin of Stray Kids and F.HERO in her viral hit, “Mirror Mirror.” Her version of “The Weekend” adds in her missing her lover and waiting for his phone call to arrive. Her video is reminiscent of the 90’s vibe with Y2K clothing and aesthetics as she grooves to the remix in an abandoned building where she finds herself lost in the lyrics.

BIBI has gained even further global recognition as Asian female artists around the world partnered with 88rising to prepare remixes to show their love and support for “The Weekend,” celebrating the track charting on US Top 40 Mediabase Chart. Her track was requested from fans and radio hosts around the US to be played on national radio, garnering support from new and old fans alike. BIBI has been spotlighted by the artists internationally, and she has become a sensation for Gen-Z fans with her unique charisma, stage presence and artistry that has captured worldwide favor. The artists featured include MILLI from Thailand, Ingrita from China, daze from the Philippines, and tlinh from Vietnam. The remixes were then combined with all five artists onto a special gift for fans on Christmas, with a Christmas themed visualizer with the singers having fun for the holiday season virtually all around the world.

The string of remixes follows her collaboration with rising star, 347aidan. Known for his top Tiktok viral hit, “Dancing in My Room” amongst other popular singles, 347aidan joins the track with his verse and unique vocal color harmonizing with BIBI, adding a longing and frustrated response to his almost-lover. His pop-punk sound adds a spin to the track, giving it an alternative edge to the already funky beat. In line with the launch of the holiday visualizer, 347aidan and BIBI charted on Billboard’s Top 40 Radio Airplay with their remix.

BIBI’s breakthrough success follows her debut US performance at the 88rising Head in the Clouds Festival in front of a 30,000+ audience who were stunned by her charisma and stage presence. The track is an impressive hit and has captured the attention of a global audience- and she is just getting started.

BIBI was recently featured on the 88rising-led Marvel OST, Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings with the song, “Never Gonna Come Down” with artist Mark Tuan. On Wednesday, December 15, she released a BIBI’s Version rendition as a gift for her fan’s support. In the brightly themed music video, she is seen vying over a playful push-and-pull romance, and finally gives in as she bungee jumps bravely as a symbolism of giving into a fresh, and exciting love.

With the success of “The Weekend,” it has garnered the attention of fans around the world. With the first launch, The Fun Mode music video was released in partnership with Samsung #withGalaxy. The video features BIBI strutting through a vibrant Seoul, adorned in AR outfits created by digital designers from around the world exclusively for Samsung Galaxy A’s Fun Mode. With the help of Samsung’s creative partner, global design and marketing consultancy R/GA, BIBI extended her stage to her fans, giving everyone a chance to be featured by submitting content that shows off their style #withGalaxy.

BIBI then returned with an official music video for 88rising & BIBI “The Weekend” live as of Monday, December 6

Listen to BIBI & MILLI’s “The Weekend (MILLI Remix)” here.

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