BBGIRLS Embraces Summer Vibes with ‘One More Time’

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The sun’s out, temperatures are high, and the “Summer Queens” of K-Pop are back and stronger than ever.

On August 3, BBGIRLS (previously known as Brave Girls) made their grand return to the music scene with their highly anticipated double single album, ONE MORE TIME, the first release since their rebranding last May. According to a press release, the two-track album serves as the group’s “reimagined identity and sound while showcasing the unbreakable friendship among the four members, Minyoung, Youjoung, Eunji, and Yuna.”

“It’s a special one as we all have participated in every step of the process to create something that shows all four of our colors.”

– Minyoung

The title track, “ONE MORE TIME,” reminisces on a past love while also alluding to the group’s bright future ahead. Boasting a funky, retro-pop beat, the song has also been garnering attention for sampling the classic hit “Give It To Me Baby” by the soul-funk legend Rick Adams, which can be clearly heard in the song’s chorus. The title track’s accompanying music video features the girls dressed to the nines gearing up to make their stunning return to the stage.

The second track, “Lemonade,” is a trendy pop love song likening a love interest to a refreshing glass of lemonade in the summer heat. The playful lyrics describe the love interest as being sweet yet sour and can make anyone melt like ice cream.

We are excited and nervous at the same time to see how our fans will feel about the new BBGIRLS, but we believe that you will love it!”

– Eunji

Check out the music video for “One More Time” and stream the album in the links, below!

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