[RECAP] Brave Girls Comes Rollin’ in Atlanta for Their First US Tour

Cr. Solita D.

On July 14, Brave Entertainment’s female idol group, Brave Girls, took to the stage of Masquerade Heaven in Atlanta as part of the group’s first U.S. tour hosted by Studio PAV. The tour marks the group’s debut appearance in the United States, and Atlanta served as the fourth destination on the nine-city tour. After debuting in 2011, The girl group has evolved and undergone member changes. Current members Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji, and Yuna have been eagerly preparing for the tour to finally meet their fans, called Fearless.

The Atlanta Fearless waited in a line that wrapped around the venue. Their excited chatter could be heard clearly from the parking deck entrance, which led into the concert hall itself. On their way in, they were welcomed by dim blue lights and a light mist that engulfed the entire room. People in the crowd took selfies, swayed in their places and sang along to songs that played over the speakers, such as “Rollin’” and “High Heels” while they eagerly waited for the concert to begin.

Cr. Solita D.

Love is Gone,” “Don’t Meet,” and “Do You Know” were just a few of the lively, upbeat tracks that Brave Girls sang after their introductions. One of their favorite songs to play on this tour would be “We Ride,” they would later share. The powerful funk synthesizers of “Fever” then blasted over the speakers, heightening the excitement of the crowd as they waved their lightsticks and danced along. As the girls sang this sizzling summer tune, the audience’s cheers were deafening as everyone pumped their hands in the air while chanting “F-F-Fever” along to the chorus.

After playing the first few songs of their set, the group took an intermission to speak with the audience to ask questions about the best things to do and see in Atlanta during their time there. They discussed their favorite parts of their previous stops, which included eating new foods and sightseeing, as well as their hopes and expectations for the tour.  “Preparing some of the older songs brought back so many memories, and we’ve felt the most love from the amount of support and cheers our fans are giving us. Thank you!”

Cr. Solita D.

Lights transitioned to a warm, summery orange and red as the girls took their positions on stage for “Chi Mat Baram,” “Pool Party,” and “Red Sun.” The captivating energy and powerful enticing vocals of Brave Girls were carried through the rest of the show. When the tropical-house melodies of “Rollin’” blared through the venue, the audience was more animated than ever before as they simultaneously jumped and sang “Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ (hey!)” along to the beat.  The group ended the night with “Summer by Myself” and thanked the audience for their support, sharing that they hope to see them again.

Cr. Solita D.

After witnessing these skilled artists give an unforgettable concert, the audience members were left with a surge of endorphins in their systems with smiles on their faces and glowing conversations with their friends about how incredible the show was. There was a sense of melancholy as Atlanta Fearless exited out the Masquerade. After finally watching Brave Girls live, the excitement among the audience members was apparent. It was a night to remember for the Atlanta Fearless and Brave Girls alike, who vowed to continue working hard for their supporters in the future.


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