[RECAP] ATEEZ ‘Breaks The Wall’ on Their Journey Through Europe

For the eight members of ATEEZ, 2023 has already been filled to the brim with performances, tours, radio shows, interviews, and much more. The K-Pop powerhouse group left 2022 with the release of their mini album SPIN OFF: FROM THE WITNESS on December 30, and Hongjoong, Mingi, Seonghwa, Wooyoung, Yeosang, San, Yunho, and Jongho have continued to amaze audiences with their notoriously impressive performances. Their voyage follows last year’s The Fellowship: Beginning of The End world tour that brought a string of shows across Europe between April and May 2022. Starting in Amsterdam, The European leg of The Fellowship: Break The Wall world tour stopped at Berlin, Brussels, London, Madrid, and Copenhagen before finishing in Paris with two dates at the Accor Arena.

Eager Danish and international fans welcomed ATEEZ to Copenhagen on March 4 for the first time since the group’s debut. The Royal Arena was surrounded by ATINYs (ATEEZ’s fandom name) who were dressed to impress, with some recreating outfits from different music videos, social media posts, and photoshoots. At exactly half past 7PM, sudden flashes exploded on screen and the crowd erupted in loud cheers that rang throughout the arena. The VCR displayed ATEEZ’s cinematic universe that surrounds their releases and signaled the beginning of the concert.

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Dancers clad in black cloaks entered the smoke-covered stage before making their way all the way down to the extended stage where they were joined by eight other mysteriously cloaked figures. The chilling intro of “New World” off of their 2022 album THE WORLD EP.1: MOVEMENT began as the dancers revealed the members one by one, illuminating their faces with LED poles. The song, which was shown for the first time in front of European fans, felt like the perfect way to kick off the show as the group invited the crowd to “Open up your eyes, open up your mind” backed by powerful choreography executed with the members’ known powerful aura. Throwing away their capes, ATEEZ unveiled princely, sparkling outfits while the stage filled with dancers carrying several flags bearing the group’s logo. The instrumental of the fan-favorite classic “Answer” led straight into San’s iconic intro, warranting a loud response from fans. The compelling routine showcased both the members’ vocals and their synchronized movement from the high-energy chorus to the verses featuring highlights such as the youngest Jongho’s impressive strong voice. “Sector 1” had the crowd jumping to the beat, hyped by the octet’s shouts and the performance’s energy-filled set.




Taking a breather, they introduced themselves one by one. Hongjoong, Mingi, Yeosang, Seonghwa, Wooyoung, Yunho, San, and Jongho all took turns welcoming the crowd and expressing how honored they were that Danish ATINYs had “invited” them to perform in Copenhagen. While some members shared their fondness for the city’s beauty, Seonghwa was proud to share how impressed he was with the local Lego store that he visited. Hongjoong, who had just returned to Copenhagen from his one-day trip to Paris, gushed about how excited he was to have been invited by Balmain’s creative director, Olivier Rousteing, to attend Paris Fashion Week while the members complimented him as the “fashionista captain.” After wishing that ATINYs have a good and safe show, ATEEZ transformed back into the strikingly impressive performers that they are. 

Both “The Ring” and “HALA HALA (Hearts Awakened, Live Alive)” are two of the many iconic hits that fans were eager to see. Switching between the main stage and the runway, the two songs were a mix of precise choreography with well-known dance breaks and close fan interactions that got the crowd hyped for the rest of the show. 

After a cryptic VCR offered fans glimpses into the group’s lore, ATEEZ emerged in white satin outfits with pale blue and purple highlight pieces and drifted towards lighter performances. “Dazzling Light” and “MIST” introduced an emotional theme and got everyone in their feels. Contrasting the dynamic choreography and performance of “Dazzling Light,” “MIST” saw the eight members situated behind microphone stands while they poured their hearts out to the moving song. In their following ment, the members explained their desire to add more touching and slow songs this time around to provide comfort and thank their ATINYs for supporting them all throughout their careers. During “Sunrise,” the group stood on an elevated platform backlit by a circle of light while fans sang along to the lyrics displayed on the screen. The emotional segment ended with “My Way,” an inspiring song featuring lyrics encouraging listeners to disregard negative thoughts and experiences and pursue their own path. 

Taking a moment to reflect on their experiences, Hongjoong and Seonghwa recalled their first 2019 Expedition European tour and how thankful they are to meet more ATINYs every year. Jongho cheekily said he couldn’t tell whether it was reality or a dream which perfectly transitioned the show into the beloved “ILLUSION.” The ATEEZ essential track was performed with all smiles and varied between expertly executed choreography and playful fan interactions. Some ran around with massive blown-up balloons and passed them to those on the floor. Another classic, “Wave” saw the members taking their time to dance with ATINYs around the stage before eventually coming back together for the group choreography.

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Following the songs, Hongjoong jokingly started playing around and pretended to control the fans’ lightsticks (called LIGHTINYs) by asking members to choose the colors for the show. Seonghwa did the honors and “made” the lightsticks turn yellow for his love of Legos. The Lego theme continued as the boys linked hands like Lego figurines and stiffly shuffled back to the main stage.

Another medley of iconic ATEEZ hits came next with “WIN” and “Horizon,” as the stage transformed into a pirate ship. Complete with a platform resembling a boat deck illuminated by screens mimicking an actual ship, the recognizable visuals pulled the audience into ATEEZ’s lore and storyline. It was impossible not to get absolutely immersed in the show as they sailed through the sets. “ATEEZ present!” rang through the arena when “Say My Name began. The addictive routine showed the group’s intensive energy and lived up to its title as one of the most beloved tracks that fans always look forward to. The charismatic performance ended with Jongho’s staring into the camera before the stage went dark.

Following an outfit change, the members appeared on stage sitting on chairs in now all-black tight-fitted clothing for their next highlight performance of the night, “Cyberpunk.” Swiftly utilizing the chairs for some parts while executing the sharp and enticing choreography, the octet definitely left an impression judging by how loud ATINYs were screaming for them. Before clearing the stage for the next performance, the older members coaxed Jongho into standing on the stool to recreate San’s iconic body rolls during the song. The youngest shyly completed the mission given to him before the rest turned to their captain, Hongjoong, and coerced him to do the move as well. Escalating the mood even further, a run of “I’m The One (Heat Topping ver.),” “ROCKY,” and “WONDERLAND” also showcased the octet’s precision-sharp dance moves and addictive melodies. Talking about the tour’s name, ATEEZ noted that ATINY should get ready to “Break The Wall” as one of their 2022 title tracks “Guerilla” started playing. The group leveled up and blew the roof off when the song reached its climax and fans screamed the “Break The Wall” fanchant from the top of their lungs. The eight members then said their quick pretend goodbyes before exiting the stage and teasing an encore to come. 

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ATEEZ reemerged for the final stages, this time with some wearing official tour merchandise. An always emotional “Turbulence” was performed on the platform with air balloons flying around on the screen. The meaningful lyrics and the melodies of the following songs, “Celebrate” and “From” had everyone swaying along as ATEEZ made their final way down the runway. In their ending ments, Wooyoung talked about how grateful he was for being back in a better condition in Europe this time; Hongjoong highlighted how thankful he was for fans that came even from outside of Denmark; Yeosang, Jongho, and Seonghwa expressed how grateful they were to have the opportunity to perform again; and Yunho and Mingi promised fans they would be back as soon as possible. 

Closing the set was “The Real,” a song that debuted in the 2021 MNET survival show “Kingdom: Legendary War.” It perfectly encapsulates ATEEZ’s unique style with its traditional Korean-infused instrumental as well as the lyrics about respect and showing what ATEEZ’s “real” style is. Finishing their show with the notorious “8 Makes One Team” chant, all the members bowed deeply and left the stage after a mindblowing two-and-a-half hour set filled to the brim with a packed, 23-song setlist. 

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Those who have attended an ATEEZ concert in the past know just how impactful their stages can be. Their stunning showmanship and ability to put on a performance that includes their fans really proved that the group is deserving to be known as one of K-Pop’s highest-selling 4th generation boy groups. After wrapping up their Europe tour and with an encore show and a comeback on the horizon, their journey is far from over. Until they make their way back, European ATINYs will continue cheering them on.

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