Zia’s “For A Year” MV Released!


The “Queen of Ballads” is back again with a new mini album!

On December 9th, LOEN Entertainment released Zia’s music video for her new single “For A Year” from her latest mini-album, “Anemone.” Much to the surprise of fans, the three male roles in the video are B.A.P.’s Bang Yong Guk, B1A4’s Baro, and ZE:A’s Siwan, portraying the multiple sides of Zia’s boyfriend. Zia’s emotional vocals and superb transitions between the three men received much attention from Zia, B.A.P., B1A4, and ZE:A fans alike!

The video portrays the falling out of a one-year long, abusive relationship. Siwan represents the happy and kind man Zia first believed him to be. As their relationship slowly disintegrates, he becomes distant. The boyfriend becomes neglectful and distant, as portrayed by Baro’s character, and is clearly tired of the relationship. The lowest point is shown through Bang Yong Guk, who represents the abusive and violent side of the man. As the video progresses, the three personas continue to switch off, conveying that his behavior is a recurring issue throughout their relationship. No longer wishing to be involved with him, Zia finally comes to terms with her situation and tosses her couple ring into the sink, giving up on the relationship for good.

The heartfelt ballad is now available for download on the iTunes store here.

Check out the music video and behind the scene clips of below!

Music video:

B1A4’s Baro’s clip:

B.A.P.’s Bang Yong Guk’s clip:

ZE:A’s Siwan’s clip:

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