SECRET had a car accident and Hyosung is seriously injured!

Just a few hours ago, news has been released that Secret was in a car accident!

On 11th December around 2am (KST), the van carrying the girls was overthrown near Jamsil while it was travelling from Seoul on Olympic highway! The van was seen to hit the sideguard and flipped over.

One of the members, Hyosung was seriously injured and was taken to the hospital immediately! The other members suffered from minor injuries and are receiving treatment from the hospital as well. The extent and details of the injuries are currently not known. The police are also investigating the cause of accident from the witnesses.

Our prayers are with Hyosung and hope that her injuries won’t be fatal. We also wish that other people who were involved in the accident will recover soon.
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M.Kiyeopia is a K-pop news editor of as well as a co-creator of "K-obsession", K-pop podcast site.

  1. Hyosung wasn’t seriously injured, Zinger was. Zinger suffered broken ribs, everyone else has minor injuries, including Hyosung. Don’t give false info,

  2. It’s not Hyosung, Zinger is seriously injured. Hyosung, Jieun and Sunhwa had minor injuries. Zinger will be treated to 3 – 4 weeks recovery. Let’s pray for their fast recovery.

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