Lee Hyori to Make Comeback Next May

Lee Hyori appeared on ‘Kim Jae Dong’s Talk Concert No Break’, on which she came on as a guest and revealed her plans for next year.

When asked by the host, Kim Jae Dong, about her recent activity Hyori mentioned “I’m currently working on my album production for my May comeback next year It will be a fun dance song I want people to throw away the thought of me not being able to dance just because I’ve gotten older”.

Through the year there have been many rumours surrounding a possible comeback for Hyori but she has never confirmed any of the rumours in public.

Representatives from her agency stated, “Lee Hyori is hoping to slate her comeback for May next year but there hasn’t been anything confirmed yet We’re taking in songs but the title track hasn’t been decided yet We feel that a schedule will start to form once those decisions have been made”.

At the moment the agency are not giving too much away, “Her hip hop performance on ‘Show Me the Money‘ garnered a positive response If she herself stated that she would like to make her comeback as a dance singer that’s definitely a possibility to keep in mind For now we’re keeping our options open”.

We’ll wait to see if they release any dates or even some teasers.


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