YG Prepares CL For Her Solo Debut!


YG prepares CL for her solo debut with some kind words. He said to her “it doesn’t matter whether you come in last in the rank, just enjoy it.” YG also hints that CL is aiming for something more than being a mainstream artist, that she wants to show her true colours, and surprise Blackjacks with her solo debut.

Via YG-Life, a YG representative said “Recently new songs has been flooding the music market and Yang understands clearly that being a temporary number 1 in the domestic music charts is far less important than letting people notice the hidden charms and uniqueness of CL. That is the key to success.” he also revealed how this decision to bring CL out as a soloist came about.  “The news on CL’s solo comeback was a surprise to all. Teddy, YG’s main producer who is the secret to many of 2NE1′s big hit songs, wrote another song. As soon as Yang heard it, he decided “the song suits CL best” and bulldozed the project in a blink of an eye.

May will be a busy month when it comes to comebacks, so CL will have a lot of competition out there. Judging from past performances from her in 2NE1, she shouldn’t have to worry about this.

Meanwhile, CL updates her Instagram with a photo of her and some others editing her music video.



Are you excited to see CL go solo?




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