Yang Hyun Suk Explains The Delay Of YG New Girl Group

We’ve all heard about the YG New Girl Group, but we’ve never been sure when to expect them to debut.

At the premier showcase for WIN (Who Is Next), Yang Hyun Suk revealed why the girls haven’t debuted yet. He explains how he’s always wanted to debut something similar to Girls Generation, he wondered how it would be if they were to sing a YG style song. As he started to recruit the girls, he noticed he was looking to much at their appearance and their talent didn’t quite match up. For this reason, he started with about a dozen girls but now only has six. He explains how he still isn’t happy with it so far, and can’t decide whether the group will be made up of 5 girls or just 3.

Because of his uncertainty with the girl group, he plans to debut the boy group first. The new YG girl group will make a debut this year, or at the start of next year at the latest.


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