Big Bang’s T.O.P To Star In Another Movie?

While other members in Big Bang are coming out with solo releases, T.O.P has been receiving offers to star in some upcoming films.

It has been revealed that he has been offered a lead role in Tazza 2, and is positively reviewing it. It’s yet to be confirmed whether he will take the part or not.

Tazza 2 is a sequel from Tazza, which was released in 2006 and became a hit in South Korea. It was directed by Choi Dong Hoon, and featured actors such as Jo Seung Koo, Kim Hye Soo, Baek Yoon Sik and Yoon Hae Jin.

Tazza 2 will be directed by Kang Hyung Chul, and if T.O.P confirms the role, he will be playing a lead, Hahm Dae Gil, who is the nephew of the lead in Tazza.

After just finishing The Alumni, will he take on another offer so soon?


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