Yang Hyun Suk Proves He Was A Better Dancer Than Current Idol Stars

Yang Hyun Suk, the founder and chairman of YG Entertainment, has been garnering renewed interest from fans for a recently uploaded dance practice video of him taken in 1996.

On March 22, a video titled “Yang Hyun Suk when he used to break dance” was posted on an online community board. The video includes clips of Yang Hyun Suk practice and perform the dance choreography ofSeo Taiji & Boys’ 1996 hit single, “Come Back Home.”

In the video, the 42 year old, ex-Seo Taiji & Boys member shows off some intense break dancing skills to the beats of “Come Back Home.” His powerful yet smooth moves leave a strong impact, and fans have been particularly impressed by his skills that are equally good, if not better than most of the current idol stars.

Netizens who saw the video commented, “He makes it look so easy but he’s so good,” “I haven’t seen a single idol singer with better dance moves than him,” “It looks like he’s straight out of the hood!”

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