22/03/2012 M! Countdown Performances

Here’s a sum up of today’s M! Countdown broadcast!

SHINee made their much anticipated comeback with new release ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Stranger’, and Cube Entertainment’s equally anticipated new boy group, BTOB, also made their debut with ‘Insane’ and ‘Imagine’!

As well as the new performances, we unfortunately must bid MBLAQ farewell as they performed their goodbye stage with ‘Beautiful’ and their catchy track ‘Run’.


Artists up for #1 included John Park, 2AM, and Big Bang, but it was Big Bang who managed to win the trophy with ‘Fantastic Baby’, so a huge congratulations to them!

M! Countdown Winner

Watch some of the performances below:


BTOB – Imagine + Insane

SHINee – Intro + Sherlock + Stranger

MBLAQ – Beautiful + Run


Big Bang – Fantastic Baby

2AM – I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me

Miss A – Touch

Brave Girls – Nowadays You

Nine Muses – Ticket

Jay Park – Know Your Name

B1A4 – Baby I’m Sorry + Time Is Over

B1A4 – Intuition (CN Blue)

Ailee – Heaven

John Park – Falling

Taw & Haha ft. John Park – Intro + One Who Admired My Arms

What did everyone think of today’s M! Countdown broadcast? Were you all excited for SHINee’s comeback stage? Or maybe you were waiting for BTOB’s debut! Or perhaps you just wanted to watch your favourite group perform? Whatever it is, let us know whether or not you enjoyed it!


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