What Sort of Girls Do Idol Stars Fall For?

In every variety shows, talk shows and interviews, they ask the idol stars if they have an ideal girl. It’s rude to ask the members of boy groups if they have a girlfriend and they probably won’t tell you the truth anyway so they ask about the stars they fall for, the type of girls they like.



Junsu: Someone with a pretty smile, who can make wise decisions (Lee Hyori, Son Dambi)

Nichkhun: Someone cute and nice (Jun Jihyun, Yoona)

Taecyeon: Someone who looks good in jeans, who is very good at their job (Jessica Alba, Ha Jiwon)

Wooyoung: Someone he falls for straight away, innocent and cute and slightly chubby with tanned skin (Lee Sooyoung, Jin Bora)

Junho: Someone suitable for his children

Chansung: Someone with kind eyes and who is older than him (Lee Hyori)



Onew: Someone with a good personality, with pretty hands and feet, who can sing well and take good care of themselves. They must like themselves a lot and must be a good cook.

Jonghyun: Someone who is older than him, who is 163cm tall and 42kg, who has big eyes, pale skin, thin, red lips and who suits long hair. Someone with a pretty smile.

Key: Someone younger than him, who is honest, confident, stylish and trendy. Someone who is tall and slim, with strong views and a mysterious charm. They must be passionate about work as well as love.

Minho: Someone older than him, who is kind and laughs a lot and someone who can enjoy life. They should be average height, innocent looking with long hair.

Taemin: Someone who is nice, smart, cute. The age doesn’t matter, but someone with big eyes, with pale skin, with good fashion sense and who is very pretty. Most importantly, someone who really likes him.


Doojoon: Someone he falls for straight away at the first look, who is very calm on the outside but casual on the inside.

Hyunseung: Someone with white skin and big eyes, who can suit all hairstyles. Someone who has a nice looking head, the back of the head has to look pretty. They must be 170cm tall and skinny.

Joonhyung: Someone skinny and not too tall, with a small face, and someone who has soft hair.

Kikwang: Someone who can get him protein after his work out. Someone who is kind and who has a different charm every time you see them. They must have a cute round face.

Dongwoon: Someone who he can communicate well with. Someone with long hair and looks innocent.



G-Dragon: Someone who is stylish, who is respected for their work, who has an interest in hip hop. Someone with a pretty smile, who can lead, with a special personality, who can cook well and who only likes him. (Yoona, Sulli)

TOP: Someone who is sexy and stylish, who is well-mannered, who is good to everyone around them, who is calm. He likes someone he can learn from, who is different to him. (Han Chaeyoung, Lee Hyori)

Seungri: Someone who is very cute and small, without any piercings, who can dance well and who is very funny and can communicate well with him. (Song Hyegyo)

Taeyang: Someone who is hard working, who is chubby, smart, cute, polite with a good personality. Someone who goes to church, who talks well. (Kim Taehee)

Daesung: Someone who loves him, who shares his feelings, who has a pretty smile. Someone who is chubby and kind and someone who works out for their health, not to look good. (Son Yejin)



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