Super Show 4 Taiwan Dates Revealed

Promotional Poster for Super Show 4 by SM Entertainment

Many fans of Super Junior heavily awaited on dates for Super Show 4, yesterday evening. However not all stops were revealed but we did learn of quite a few! Super Show 4 stops are confirmed in:

  • Taipei, Tawian – February 3rd ,2012 to February 5th, 2012
  • Singapore Indoor Stadium, Singapore – Febuary 17th, 2012

Sounds quite exciting! Many Taiwanese ELFs and Singaporian ELFs must be jumping up and down in their seats.

Sources revealed that SM Entertainment promises that Leeteuk will enlist in the military after the stops in Taiwan. Lots of ELFs were devastated upon hearing this news, as many of them had hoped to see Leeteuk, one last time, before his enlistment. Even with this sad news, we know Super Junior will do only their very best at future concerts for their fans.


Check Out The Song List Below For Super Show 4:

VCR Underwater
1. Superman
2. Opera
3. Twins
4. A Man In Love remix
5. BONAMANA remix
1st Ment – Intro
6. You Are My Endless Love
7. Oops! ft. f(x) (VCR with Heechul rap)
8. Wonder Boys
9. Rokkugo (all members)

VCR (in New York)
10. Walkin’
11. Baby Baby ft. f(x) Amber (Henry solo)
12. Dance + Rap perf (Eunhyuk solo)
13. 물들어 (Sungmin solo)
14. Isn’t She Lovely (Kyuhyun solo)
15. Moves like Jagger! (Ryeowook solo)
16. SHE (Eeteuk solo)
17. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star remix (Shindong)

VCR (High school)
18. Good Friends
19. Pajama Party
VCR Playing hockey
20. Feels Good
21. Perfection Kor ver (SJM)
22. A-Cha

VCR (Naked)
23. Mr.Simple
24. Dont Don
25. Because Of You (Zhoumi solo)
26. Kiss Me Darling (Yesung)
27. Your Grace is Enough ft. 3rd Wave (Siwon)
28. Oppa Oppa (?) with Eunyuk (Donghae)

VCR KRYDS (dramatic VCR)
29. Storm (KRYDS)
30. Y
Ment #2
31. Lovely Day (Acapella ver)
32. You & I
33. Our Love (with VCR from debut)

VCR The Sound of Super Junior
34. The Sound of Music – Do Re Mi Fa.
35. White Christmas
36. Dancing Out

Ment #3
[Encore part]
37. U
38. Sorry Sorry
39. Miracle

Ment #4
40. Destiny Kor ver (With Henry, Zhoumi)


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