What has 2pm been up these days ?

Due to the hypes about many rookie boy-bands’ debuts, there is hardly anything in the K-pop news about 2pm these days! After seeing a twitter post by ‘JYP Entertainment’ and watching the ‘youtube’ of 2pm’s behind the story for “Mr.Pizza CF”, I missed how entertaining it is to watch the boys being their fun usual-selves!

As well as having charismatic and beastly images, they can be so funny and adorable with overflowing aegyos!

I can’t decide which looks yummier, 2pm oppas or mouth-watering pizza?

  • Check out the images below and don’t be shy to let me know what you think!

Bonus: Mr Pizza CF (30 sec ver) video and  CF making film


Source : JYP Entertainment twitter and youtube channel.


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