HMV K-Pop Flashmob

Recently a flashmob took place at HMV Oxford Circus, a hotspot for people looking to buy the latest hits in music and film, and attracted much attention from people passing by.


K-Pop fans began to gather at the scene within an hour before the flashmob as set to start, someone alone, and some with friends.


As the dancers prepared, k-pop fans anticipating the event were asked questions such as “Who are you waiting for?”, “Is something going to happen?” and even the security guards asked “What time is Justin Bieber arriving?”, showing just how much attention the fans alone garnered.

As 2PM – the time the flashmob was set to kick off – neared, two aisles on the ground floor were cleared, leaving the dancers surrounded by spectators. Then Super Junior’s ‘Superman’ began to play through the speakers of the store, turning the heads of those unaware of the event. The song built up much tension as the crowd and the huge space became more obvious to those passing by, until ‘Sorry Sorry’ began to play and the dancers began.

All attention became focussed on the dancers and questions to their identities were raised, the response being only “K-Pop fans.”

The dance then came to an end, but not without a much deserved round of applause for the dancers for their confidence and their performance.

With K-Pop becoming a bigger issue in the UK, is this event one of the many things to kick off something even bigger?


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