Big Bang Concept pics for ‘Alive’

YG have finally started teasing fans with the first Concept picture for ‘Fantastic Baby’ from Big Bang’s highly anticipated comeback. Fantastic Baby is one of seven new tracks of their new Album ‘Alive’.

In the picture T.O.P, the first of the members to be unveiled (in regards to concept pics) is casting his trademark gaze and wearing what seems to be an oxygen mask on his face. In addition to that he is seen wearing leather trousers and vest, studded long cuffs and for the first time displaying his Green/Blue hair. The look all together is edgy and the pop of colour – hair and feathers- add a certain fun element to the look.

Neitzens were quick to comment on the picture saying, ‘Love T.O.P’s mint hair’ and ‘OMG! Can’t wait for their comeback!!’

What do you think of T.O.P’s new hair?? We can’t wait to see the pictures of all the other members!!

Stay tuned for any updates!
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