V.I.P: Big Bang Concert Preparation one-stop Article, including fanchants and YG eshop!!!

This article for all the lucky VIPs who will be going to the Big Bang Alive Concerts during their global tour!

To get the most out of your experience at the Concerts, Kpopconcerts gathers a couple of preparation ideas and useful tip that you might want to use.

1. Fan Chants

If you’re going to a K-pop concert as a dedicated fan to support your band who thrives from the lively and interactive audience, this step is a must!

The followings are some fan-chant videos for the ALIVE Concerts:









2.Merchandising products

If you have started browsing online to buy Glowsticks, T-shirts or other merchandising product  for the concert, look no further. Thankfully, YG-papa has created a YG eshop, aka Official YG Entertainment Global Store for us fan girls to support our Oppas!

Click here


3. Camera Policy


4. Getting there ( For UK VIP)

LiveNation ticket website has a lot of useful information about the Wembley Arena: including how to get there, general seating plan (might be variable to the actual Big Bang Concert) and Food and Drinks information.

Wembley Arena

Arena Square, Engineers Way, London, United Kingdom, HA9 OAA

Click on the link below to check address, transport & venue details

5. Last but not least, be safe and ENJOY !!!



Photos : forevervip tumbler and Livenation

Media: Youtube


M.Kiyeopia is a K-pop news editor of kpopconcerts.com as well as a co-creator of "K-obsession", K-pop podcast site.

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