RaNia is Set to Enter the US Music Industry

RaNia have set their sights on entering the American music market and have started to lay their foundations before their entry.

DR Music, RaNia’s management in Korea, announced that the girls have signed under Empire Records who are a subsidiary of Universal Records. RaNia have also signed for Fireworks who will manage their US activities.

Fireworks have also managed Chris Brown and helped to launch Eminem.

Brett Lewis, lawyer for Empire Records, stated, “Gangnam Style Korean ladies, RaNia, will break into the American music market. We’ll be watching over them as they grow from a K-Pop girl group to one with a worldwide audience, starting with America. It’s about time that a Korean artist with a brand new sound has come to America.”

DR Music also made a statement after the contracts were signed, “A lot of people in the American music market are taking an interest in K-Pop. It was surprising to find out that they know a lot more about K-Pop than we think. They have so many unexpected promotional ideas which we will slowly reveal as they become confirmed. We’re nervous with this new challenge up ahead of us but we’re going to do our best until the end to make sure we earn great results.”


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