U-Kiss Upload Short Version of ‘Forbidden Love’ MV


U-Kiss’ ‘Forbidden Love’ PV was recently post online, stirring much attention from netizens, but the short version of the video was recently officially uploaded on Avex’s official YouTube channel. You can enjoy the video below:


The video shows just how much talent U-Kiss have, demonstrating amazing choreography and slick vocals, definitely giving off the idea of ‘Forbidden Love’. One of the most notable parts of the choreography, especially for Kiss Me’s, would be the seductive hip-thrusts, as well as the sharp dance moves. The bright red and black costumes throughout the video also add to the theme of ‘Forbidden Love’.

All in all, it’s another amazing video and track from U-Kiss – the ‘Forbidden Love’ single is due for release on February 29th, along with U-Kiss’ first Japanese album, ‘A Shared Dream’, before the group begin their first nationwide tour in Japan.





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