Miss A Release Jia’s Teaser For ‘Touch’ Comeback

Miss A recently released the second of four teasers, focusing on Jia, for their nearing comeback fourth project, ‘Touch’.

The clip shows us an eerie and haunting atmosphere through both visuals and also sound; Jia looks more elegant and beautiful than ever before, but gives us the shivers as the repetitive music plays throughout. She also gives reminiscent glances towards her shoulder, where a mysterious male hand simply grasps and then leaves again, continually switching between both scenes until the character completely disappears. The teaser starts with just Jia at the piano, but finishes with a bouquet of roses placed  upon the stand, which eventually pricks Jia’s finger, causing her to bleed.


JYP himself also recently tweeted about the story behind the track, ‘Touch’:

“Miss A’s new song ‘Touch’ is about opening a wounded heart that you thought u never open again. A warm, kind touch opened it..teasers r out~”


You can watch the beautiful clip below:

Miss A’s official site has also been altered from their ‘Goodbye Baby’ concept – the site now opens with Suzy’s teaser, and upon finish, opens a menu, allowing viewers to select another teaser from those that have been released, and there are also timers, counting down to the release of the next teaser.


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