Trouble Maker make a Dangerous and Sexy Comeback With ‘Now’ MV

Trouble Maker 3

The news of CUBE’s sexy sub-unit duo formed by BEAST’s Hyunseung and 4Minute’s Hyuna, Trouble Maker, has caused quite a stir amongst netizens with their 19+ concept. The music video for the sub-unit’s comeback ‘Now’ is finally out! Watch it below:


The duo are seen fiercer and sexier than ever seen before, in all aspects of their comeback. The video uses several scenes of the couple kissing as well as fighting, suggesting the complicated relationship between the two. The choreography used may also be seen as a tango between the two.

The music video definitely seems to have expanded the horizons of both Hyunseung and Hyuna.

For their comeback, Trouble Maker are releasing their 2nd mini album, ‘Chemistry’, for which ‘Now’ is the title track.









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