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If the past steamy teaser photos weren’t clear enough, the sexy duo Trouble Maker (4Minute‘s Hyuna and B2ST‘s Hyunseung) is steaming things up with more teasers!

For today’s dose of jaw-droppers, the duo followed with more sensual shots of the two along with a drama trailer for their song, “Now“. The short drama trailer portrays a more serious than sensual vibe as Hyuna and Hyunseung are portrayed as an angry couple in the midst of a heated argument. The occasional flashbacks of the couple’s happier moments, contrasted with their heated fight, hints that Trouble Maker’s comeback track would be a bittersweet, post-breakup song.

Trouble Maker will be making its sexy comeback on October 28th with their second mini-album Chemistry. Stay tuned for more updates!

Check out the teaser video and photos below!

Trouble Maker 6

Trouble Maker 1

Trouble Maker 2

Trouble Maker 5

Trouble Maker 3


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