IU’s Red Shoes, Plagiarised vs. Not Plagiarised


IU’s ‘Red Shoes’ has been suspected as a plagiarism. On October 26th, has announced IU’s wrap up on her official 3rd album, “Modern Times”, as well as that some of the netizens are currently questioning that her title song, Red Shoes, might have plagiarised Nekta’s Here’s Us.

According to Chosun, it seems like netizens are probably wondering because Here’s Us (in Nekta’s album, Electro Swings 2) has similar genre and its entry melody is really similar to IU’s Red Shoes.

However, Loen Entertaintment (www.iloen.com) has made its official announcement and said, “Entire song, as well as the chorus, has different melody, composition, and instrument arrangement”.

Loen also said, “Some parts of the song might contain melody that sounds similar to Here’s Us, however two songs have completely different codes.

IU’s Red Shoes is made of B flat minor and continues its melody with bm7-cm7-cm6-f7sus4-f7, but Nekta’s Here’s Us has dominant scale and it’s made out of one code, B flat major.”

Loen also made it clear that IU’s ending her album promotion to focus on concert, promotion in Japan, and drama, which will soon start filming, not because of plagiarism suspicion.

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