T-ara zombie concept for Lovey Dovey MV

Zombie MV

Zombie photo’s of T-ara for their “Lovey Dovey” zombie version music video has been released.

“Lovey Dovey” will be released as five music video parts with each having its own theme. The third concept will be a zombie theme, with other themes including ‘Tokyo’ and ‘Drama’.

T-ara are still looking rather cute in the photo’s despite the theme having a spooky twist to it. Netizens commented, “I wonder what kind of song it is,” “I love this zombie version!” and “Curious about the other versions!”

“Lovey Dovey” is produced by Shinsadong Tiger and Choi Kyu Sun. The single is due to be released on January 2 along with the first concept of the music video. The final concept is due to be released on January 10.

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