Performances from KBS Gayo Daechukje

[ad#GA-468-Tx-Runa] This year’s annual KBS end of year music festival, which aired on the 30th December, featured many artists such as Girl’s Generation, Wonder Girls, Infinite, Super Junior, Miss A, 2PM, Davichi and many more. It was MC-ed by Jeon Hyun Mu, Lee Hee Jae and Park Sa Im.

The festival started off with Infinite’s special stage of Paradise and Be Mine, which featured very impressive dance breaks. This was followed by T-ara’s special stage of Cry Cry and Roly Poly.


Davichi also performed a moving rendition of their hit Don’t Say Goodbye. SISTAR performed So Cool which featured an impressive rap at the start by Clover and also a short dance break. BEAST also performed Fiction, but Gi Kwang had to sit at the side of the stage due to his injury.

Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Seung Gi also performed their own versions of the hit song’s Rainism and Na Na Na.

Miss A made an interesting entrance with percussionists playing a steady beat as they came on stage. They also performed a slight rock themed version of their 2011 hit, Goodbye Baby.

[ad#GA-468-Tx-Runa] 4Minute performed a special stage of Mirror Mirror. The entrance was mysterious and the members where revealed one my one by the rows of dancers. The huge dance crew and 4Minute then performed a short dance sequence to the background melody of Mirror Mirror before the 5 girls performed a remix of Mirror Mirror.

U-Kiss’s performance was next and this started with a vampire, puppet themed dance sequence to doll house -like music with Kiseop at first, and soon all the members joined in. The boys then carried on into a remix version of Neverland. There was even a change in choreography during which was interesting to watch.

Clover performed an amazing hip hop stage of La Vida Loca which was a different vibe to the previous performances but was really enjoyable.

Lee Seung Gi followed up Clover’s performance with a cute performance of Alone in Love which left the fan girls going crazy.

The final performance of part 1 was a large performance by the girl groups called The Lady’s Night. Wonder Girls, T-ara, Secret, Girl’s Generation, and Uhm Jung Hwa were involved in this performance where the performed Uhm Jung Hwa’s hit songs. 2PM and MBLAQ also performed with Uhm Jung Hwa.

Part two started of with another group special stage. DJ Koo’s stage involved various artists performing the shuffle dance to remixes of their own songs.

This amazing stage was then followed by more stages by artists:

Wonder Girls – Be My Baby

MBLAQ – Mona Lisa

Secret – Shy Boy

CN Blue – Intuition

f(x) – Pinocchio (danger)

Girl’s Generation – The Boys

IU – You & I + Good Day

2PM – Electricity + Hands Up

Super Junior – Opera + Mr Simple

TVXQ – Before U Go + Why?

And to wrap up the night, BEAST won Song of The Year with Fiction


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