T-ara N4 Received Mild Response at Las Vegas Performance

T-ara - Chris Brown
T-ara N4 were in Las Vegas at the Palms Pool performing at Chris Browns show, but they were met with a less than welcome response from the bewilded audience.

The girls performed “Countryside Life” for the party crowd, who according to a fan account, “were just silent and confused”.

The fan account continues, “Some girls in the crowd even told them to get off the stage. It was totally the wrong crowd for them to perform for. The hardcore partying and hip hop crowd there did not expect to see an unknown (in America) girl group show up randomly and perform a song in Korean.”

According to reports the DJ also cut the girls off mid song. They then had to return to the stage for their second performance.

T-ara N4 have since returned to Korea.


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  1. smh their superiors did a bad job collaborating with foreign artists. Really? A hip-hop venue? Really!?

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