Super Junior – Superman, Mr. Simple And Sorry Sorry At The Mama’s

This was one of the performances I was anticipating. Weeks before the Mama’s I was constantly in a frenzy, imaging how the performances would be, how well dressed the idols would be…. and I’m not ashamed to say, how hot they would all look, I was sure the performance would be EPIC! why you say? because they are SUPER, SUPER JUNIOR.

Then it finally came, the moment I had been waiting for, the performance i had been waiting for.

I was so confused xD all i saw was ‘Warning’ and ‘No Music’ flashing constantly. I had no idea what was going on. A random girl got caught, I was so lost then suddenly Siwon came out of the crowd and dodged a man that wanted to capture him….. and I was still lost .___.

To my relief, everything started making sense when I heard the beginning of Superman and saw Eunhyuk slowly descend from above looking as cool as ever *_* the roaring of the fans, the darkness surrounding the idols, the glow-sticks of the fans, the bright flashing lights… it was to much for me.

My mouth was hanging throughout, I didn’t utter a word, I didn’t even blink xD in fear of missing a sheer milli-second of the performance.

GAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!! I can’t even find the words to explain how awesome the performance was xD it just left me flabbergasted. I think you should just watch the performance yourself, you’ll see what i mean, it’s completely astonishing….


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