SM to release Shake app for SHINee


SM Entertainment have planned to release a SHINee version of their Shake iPhone application.
The app is similar to the famous iPhone app Tap Tap. It is features a game play similar to Tap Tap which consists of tapping three different buttons in time with the song, but it also features a wheel spin game play mode where you spin a turntable instead.

The app also has a feature that allows the player to create their own notes for each track by allowing them to change the rhythm and contents.

Previous versions of the app have been released; Super Junior were the first and this was released for their last comeback and the same with SNSD. These two previous versions have had a lot of success with fans from all over the world and have received high ratings.

The app will be free to download, most likely after SHINee’s comeback, but you will have to buy some items, songs pack or card to play the games via an in app purchase. The cards will allow you to increase your score and to also gain other cards.


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