SM Entertainment reveals their top five earning artists

The profits earned by SM artists like Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, and TVXQ have been revealed. According to Financial Supervisory Service Data Analysis, Retrieval and Transfer System, SM Entertainment’s March 6th prospectus listed their top five earning artists and further showed their sales relative to each other.


As expected, Girls’ Generation made the highest contribution to SM Entertainment’s sales figures. Super Junior came in second, with TVXQ, SHINee, and f(x) making up the rest of the top five.

Girls’ Generation brought in a total of 21,737,000,000 won (approximately 19.3 million USD) by the third quarter of 2011 alone, with 7,995,000,000 won (7.1 million USD) due to album sales.

Super Junior on the other hand brought in a total of 13,831,000,000 won (12.3 million USD), with 6,560,000,000 won (5.8 million USD) attributed to album sales.

Following them were TVXQ with 11,723,000,000 won (10.4 million USD), SHINee with 5,495,000,000 won (4.9 million USD), and f(x) with 3,577,000,000 won (3.2 million USD).


While the above includes earnings from individual activities, SM Town and other performances and projects are excluded. This essentially means that their actual earnings are a lot higher than presented in the prospectus.

Source: Newsen, Koreaboo


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