Siwon was in Marble Arch?

Earlier today Kpopconcerts had reported that Super Junior’s Siwon was hanging around in London’s West End.

About 30 minutes ago Siwon further updated fans on his whereabouts by tweeting ,

He also attached this picture,

It seems that Siwon is teasing his London ELF fans about his whereabouts even taunting them to find him. From the picture it seems that Siwon was hanging around near Marble Arch last night.

Today, Siwon’s twitter gave hints as to a Korean church that he was at, “London full gospel church”.

For more updates stay tuned to Kpopconcerts!
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Minzi is a Kpop News and K-Drama editor on kpopconcerts as well as co-creator of K-pop podcast K-Obsession.

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  1. He’s such a teaser. He should have tweeted more pics throughout the day so that we can actually track and catch him :p! x

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