Comedians parody Trouble Maker

Comedians Kim Shin Young and Kim Mi Ryeo were the first comedians to finally take on the challenge of parodying Trouble Maker.

Kim Shin Young is well known for her hilarious parodies on TV shows such as Star Dance Battle and this parody definitely didn’t disappoint.

The duet performed their parody on the hit TV show Sebwaki with Kim Shin Young taking on the role of HyunA and Kim Mi Ryeo being Hyun Seung. As usual, the lyrics were changed to fit Kim Shin Young’s recurring food and stomach theme and the song title was changed to Stomach Trouble Maker. They definitely got great reactions from the crew and the audience, and the hilarious lyrics were a great extra.

Netizens were certainly impressed, as always, by the latest parody, and were especially impressed with Kim Shin Young and commented saying things such as “LOVE YOU KIM SHINYOUNG <3 The official queen of parodies." They also noticed how Kim Shin Young has lost weight recently and commented on her lovely legs. You can check out the clip below.


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