SISTAR Are Due to Make a July Comeback

SISTAR are due to make their comeback this July.

News comes from Korean media, Star News, “SISTAR is currently recording the second-half of their new mini album… They are putting their all into perfecting their current title track and more… They are looking into making a comeback early July.”

SISTAR released their 2nd full length ago just over a year ago with “Give It To Me”.

The comeback will coincide with their 4th anniversary as a group which the girls celebrated this week with a cake and a tweet.

“Time goes by so fast… I’m always thankful STAR1. We’ll become a SISTAR that show you better performances and songs!!! Wait a little more for us~~~.” Bora also posted, “Yesterday was SISTAR’s 4th anniversary! Wow!! It’s so strange… already… Keke. Thank you to the fans for always supporting us! We’re getting your gifts too! We’ll show you good sides of ourselves! Wait a little more for all four of us! Congratulations to SISTAR and STAR1 on our 4th anniversary.”



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