SHINee’s Taemin completes his first Immortal Song 2 performance

We found out a few weeks ago that SHINee’s maknae Taemin would be following in band-mate Jonghyun’s footsteps by joining the hit TV show Immortal Song 2.

He successfully completed the recorded a few days ago and the recording aired on the 28th.

The episode was based on Son Changsik, with the 14 contestants singing his hit songs. Taemin chose to sing At Least Once and received a lot of praise, not just from the audience and viewers, but also from Son Changsik himself. It was something new for Taemin and also for the fans but it allowed Taemin to be seen in a new light and it was a way for the little dancer to broadcast his vocal talents instead of his dancing skills that he is famous for.

Taemin has received a lot of bashing in the past for his singing and despite being nervous, he managed to pull of the performance well. Taemin himself had said that he felt very nervous about the stage but seeing Son Changsik smile at him during his performance put him at ease.

You can view the perfomance below.


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