Rain’s National Service Vacation Record Comes Into Question

Rain Military service
Rain has been gaining a lot of criticism over the number of vacation days he takes whilst serving out his National Service.

In March 2012, Rain started serving as a member of the Defence Media Agency of the Ministry of National Defence. It has been revealed that out of the 300 days working in the Defense Media Agency, he took 17 stand-down days including 10 unofficial overnight stays away from base and 44 official overnight leaves. This brings the total number of vacation days to 71 days averaging out at one day off every 4.22 days.

The government records states that Rain took 25 days off to record in the studio out of the official 44 overnights. During those overnights he was not accompanied by his superiors and did not return to base when he was suppose to. A government spokesperson said, “There were many cases where he recorded late at night because it is very expensive to use the recording studio during the day However these issues were raised last year and since October we have been forbidding overnight stays in Seoul.”

Before being transferred to the Defence Media Agency, he did 3 months basic training where it was reported that he took 25 days leave. This brings his total leave to 94 days out of 450 days service. Currently Rain still has 3 official days that he has not used.

Rain is currently halting all activities and is on standby while his case is being investigated further.

Source: Sports World


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