4Minute’s Jiyoon Is A Troll?



Rumours regarding the debut of 4Minute sub-unit, Double Yoon, have recently surfaced, and fans have been eager to see a release from the duo since the unit’s announcement last year. A tracklist was ‘unveiled’, but then later concluded by fans to be fake, and photos of Double Yoon at what seemed to be a filming set/photo shoot site were uploaded, which has caused much speculation among fans as to whether the photos were really from a filming set for their music video, or just a magazine photo shoot with the both of them included.


Jiyoon tweeted the above words earlier, which caused much excitement amongst fans, as most people could believe that she tweeted something related to the debut of Double Yoon. Attached to the tweet, however, was the following photo:


The photo showed two same toys but in different colours, similar to the concept of Double Yoon in the sense that both Jiyoon and Gayoon have different names, but both end in ‘-yoon’. This earned disappointment from fans as CUBE Entertainment have yet to make official announcements regarding the sub-unit’s debut.

But what do we know? Maybe the photo is in someway related to the sub-unit’s debut.

What do you think?




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