Psy to Follow Up Gangnam Style With New Single


Psy arrived back in Seoul on Sunday passing through Gimpo International Airport from Malaysia.

He told reporters as he was going through the airport, “I’m done with preparations for a new song and am torn between two songs,”

Psy is torn between a choice of two single releases, “One gives an impression similar to ‘Gangnam Style’ and the other gives a completely different impression. I’m now thinking about which one would be better between a very similar one and a different one,”

Psy has previously announced that he would reveal the title of the new single on April 13 and give the fans a special performance at his massive concert in a soccer stadium in Seoul the same day.

After two discussions with his U.S business partners, he has only decided to release one single as opposed to the two singles that he was going to release at the same time.

Psy is under a lot of pressure to follow up the success of Gangnam Style that propelled him into the global spotlight. His fans appear to share the same worry about his follow up single, “When I read news articles about me, I always read attached online comments, too. There were many fans who worried more than me as to whether I will succeed or not.”


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