Teen Top Dance With ‘Little PSY’ Hwang Minwoo To ‘Miss Right’


Recently making their long awaited comeback, Teen Top have been releasing a series of videos on their YouTube channel, all of which feature their latest title track, ‘Miss Right’. Whilst some are normal practice videos, some also follow the recent viral trend, the ‘Harlem Shake’, as part of their choreography for the new track involves shaking their hands in the air. Earlier however, Teen Top surprised fans as they uploaded a practice video featuring Hwang Minwoo, also known as ‘Little PSY’. Watch the video below:


In the video, the members are completely taken by the cute Minwoo, as L.Joe struggles to keep his eyes off the young dancer for too long, and the others playfully interacting with him throughout. Minwoo also manages to keep up with the members throughout, only making a few mistakes in the choreography, although doing so in a very adorable manner.

It is clear the Teen Top members enjoyed their practice with Minwoo, also performing with him on today’s SBS Inkigayo broadcast.




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