POW Brings Upcoming Live Stream POW HOUSE Event to Los Angeles on April 15th

In a first of its kind collaboration, fans of the K-pop boyband POW can follow their adventures live, as they bring their original content to Los Angeles, collaborating with TikTok influencers and YouTube creators.

Fans will be able to be a part of the ups and downs of their daily life in their travels in Los Angeles for three weeks – beginning April 15th on their YouTube channel.

Check our their latest cover of One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful below!

POW, the dynamic 5-member global boy group under GRID Entertainment, made their bold entrance to the music scene with a “bang” in October 2023.

Promising an ambitious quest to deliver refreshing and entertaining experience to their global listeners, the group is expanding their successful POW HOUSE events to America beginning April 15th.

They want their new house to be a place where fans can immerse into LA’s lifestyle, music, and culture – where viewers can experience the highs and lows of their dynamic adventure. This unique inside peak for fans is aligned with their dedication to give a more in depth look at the creative process of making their next track with the fans.

As one of the first K-pop bands to do something like this, they aim to livestream everyday, bring guests into the house, and host off site events involving fans and more surprises!

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